What will the Walmanyjun/Cable Beach Foreshore Redevelopment consist of?

The redevelopment of Walmanyjun/Cable Beach Foreshore will transition one of Broome’s high-quality natural assets into a global drawcard. The Council has endorsed a Master Plan, which was completed in 2017, and a Business Case, which was completed in May 2020.

The project exploreed many open design components including a new promenade, an amphitheatre upgrade and activation spaces. Other features include the renovation of the Broome Surf Lifesaving Club, upgrade of the car park and the provision of new access options to the beach.

The redevelopment will offer additional commercial opportunities and would link together some of the town’s major tourism, cultural and leisure attractions.

Why is this a major focus for the Shire?

The Walmanyjun/Cable Beach Development Stratergy (2016) outlined the development procces for the Walmanyjun/Cable Beach Foreshore and this has been a focus of the Shire Council. Follwing the succesfull delivery of the Chinatown Revitalisation and the Town Beach Foreshore Redevelopment focus has now shifted to the last remaining major precinct.

The upgrades will be a major asset for Broome, attracting more visitors to our region and providing the community with improved public open space amenities in the Walmanyjun/Cable Beach area, including an iconic waterplay area and event space.

What stage is the project at?

The project’s Business Case has been completed and the Walmanyjun/Cable Beach Foreshore Redevelopment is a shovel-ready project that the Shire hopes will attract Government funding. The Shire has commenced lobbying efforts with the State and Federal Governments.

The project was included in the 3-Year Broome COVID-19 Recovery Plan, which has been collated by the Shire and our Broome stakeholders to stimulate the local economy. More information and the plan can be viewed here.

The Shire Council endorsed the 2021-22 Budget at the June 2021 Ordinary Meeting of Council, which includes a funding commitment of $867,815 towards the detailed design phase of the project.

Josh Byrne & Associates were selected as the preferred contractor to complete detailed design at the June 2021 Ordinary Meeting of Council. A Community Engagement Plan was endorsed at the September 2021 Ordinary Meeting of Council, while a Community and Stakeholder Reference Group endorsed at the November 2021 Council meeting. The Detailed Design proccess has been completed and construction of Stage 1 started in September 2023.

Stage 2 is awaiting confirmation of additional funding.

What coastal protection measures are being undertaken ahead of the project?

As part of the detailed design process, a number of technical investigations have been undertaken to further understand the design considerations required for the protection options at Walmanyjun/Cable Beach. These investigations include an analysis of a buried rock revetment wall and sand nourishment. 

The technical investigations identified ‘sand nourishment’ as the preferred coastal protection approach for the dune system in front of Zanders and the Surf Club on the basis that it would result in a more natural coastal protection approach whilst also providing a reasonable risk profile.

In the northern section of the foreshore, where the beach access and drainage outlet are located, the investigations found that the most suitable protection would be an exposed rock revetment. Key factors that influenced this recommendation included data obtained through wave modelling that identified localised wave run-up in the northern amphitheatre section, and the presence of existing coastal protection structures (gabions) and the need to provide and protect beach access and drainage structures.

The recommended coastal protection options were endorsed by Council at the Ordinary Meeting of Council on 24 February 2022.

What drainage considerations are being undertaken ahead of the project?

There is a large storage basin in the central area of the site that collects water from surrounding areas before being piped through the northern carpark into the ocean. Some of the existing pipes are deformed and blocked. A wide drainage channel runs from the south into the basin. The channel creates a division between the parking and access and the foreshore and takes up a considerable area in a central part of the site that could be better utilised for civic purposes.

The existing basin and drainage channel to the back of the Surf Club will be filled in and replaced with a pipe network. The existing pipe network will also be upgraded to compensate for the loss of the drainage basin.

Key drainage design considered include:

• Existing basin central to site to be filled (existing storage volume = 8000m3). The lost storage capacity will be provided by maintance and upgrades to the existing swale.

• New headwall at junction between underground pipe and drainage channel to be located just south of the existing bridge.

• Northern outlets to be replaced with sympathetic outlet and rock revetment to slow storm water and mitigate scouring of beach.


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